About Beverly Nowakowski

Friend With A Camera-Professional Photographer 908-208-1361 Bridgewater New Jersey NJ Want to mingle, host, enjoy and be part of your next party?  How will you relive the memories?  Weddings, Birthdays, Special Events, Parties.Friend with a cameraBeverly Nowakowski is an enthusiastic photographer in NJ.  As a mother of three small children she captures many spontaneous moments on a daily basis.  Bev has been capturing moments of her life since grade school.  She realized as her life progressed how valuable these photo memories became to her.

Waiting more time than most married couples for God’s blessings and gifts of children, Bev didn’t want to miss capturing every moment she could.  Photo memories are now a high priority.  Her past habits of taking photos mainly during family gatherings and vacations now include capturing every trip to the zoo, park, play date and other daily life activities.

“I noticed I was not included in the photos and figured I was not the only one noticing this trend.  I offer to put you into your memories.”  Bev is available to attend your family event and capture you and your guests having fun with her camera!

Call 908 208-1361 or email her at bev@friendwithacamera.com and ask how she can capture you during your party.



“What a fabulous job you did!! Thank you so-ooo much for your time, energy, and expertise. The pictures are invaluable to our school, students and staff!”
Bridgewater, NJ

“I am so pleased with these pictures.  Thank you so much for capturing the day so well.”
Caldwell, NJ

“I truly adore this photo, it’s powerful, just like the spirit portrayed. This photo exubes experience, abundant knowledge, compassion, realness and empowerment. Kudos to the artist that captured the true spirit dwelling in the eyes of this inspiring woman.”
Rachel Berry, Author & Poet

“As always the photographer has an eye for capturing the moment and loudly telling the viewer about the silent moments they see! Kudos to Kumari and her photographer because I felt like I was there!”
Rachel Berry, Author & Poet

“Hi. The photos from the birthday party for my grandmother-law were beautiful.”
Secaucus, NJ